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UltraEdit is a powerful disk-based text editor, software editor, and hex editor used to edit HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, C / C ++, Python, and almost any other encoding / programming language. UltraEdit can handle and edit more than 4 gigantic files.


Disk-based text editing – supports 4GB + file editing, minimum amount of RAM used

Configurable tab options (multi-tab suspension values, use of tab spaces instead, n.k.)

Tab / word options depending on file type / extension

Insert / multiply multiplication mode with the status bar icon

Paragraph order

Left, center, right, fill (in fixed volume fonts)

Clarifying (cleaning and decorating text)

Line space support for one and two positions

Drag and drop editing

Connecting lines (with optional white space integration)

Double-click (Shift Adapter option) to highlight all selected word instances

Line Change (optional) indicator on the edge

Saved changes are shown in green

Unsaved changes are highlighted in red

Customable colors (set in editorial theme)

Lines lined with car insulation

Very long line support (up to 20,000 characters before closing)

First place is not an important space of the house, then the first character

IntelliMouse mobile support

Unicode / UTF-8 original editing support

and much more

UltraEdit is the world’s most common text editor. It works as an editor and programmer, developers, researchers, bloggers, web developers, IT professionals and everyone in between! Whatever the job it takes – from basic editing to complete project creation or massive data mining, millions of people trust UltraEdit as their daily computer solution.

Why use UltraEdit?

Incompatible power, functionality, activation, file loading. No other editor can load and run a file with as much power as UltraEdit.

Beautiful, customizable themes that can be configured. Explore the whole app not just the editor to suit your needs.

OS integration (command line, shell extension). Run UltraEdit directly from the Windows browser context menu. Connect with your favorite apps and other services through the command line support.

Search / edit very quickly and find in the file / edit file. Nothing looks like UltraEdit. Almost every search feature you can think of, and then some.

Compare fully integrated files. Implementation of instantaneous differences. Quickly see the differences that appear in your code, directly from UltraEdit.

Original FTP / SFTP browser, SSH / telnet setting. Access your server and open the file from FTP directly on UltraEdit. Browse remote servers, edit on the command line, and more!

Fixed file type / selection. The powerful type of UltraEdit makes the job work faster. Place multiple array keys according to the vertical column, or arrange them according to the section.

The best way to handle large files in the industry: 10+ GB and more. UltraEdit eats a large file for dinner. Open large GB files easilyand easily fix them.

Hexagonal editing. Change layer / block mode. Integrated hedge editing and vertical column editing gives you more flexibility when editing your data files.

Special support XML and JSON. Distribute and modify XML and JSON anywhere. Check the code structure in the XML controller or JSON controller. Find and correct errors easily.

UltraEdit Attractions:

Highlight syntax in almost all encoding languages

Do you write in SAS, Parliamentary language, COBOL, Lisp, Oracle or MATLAB? In addition to the many languages ​​we use by default, we also store a database of over 600 word files available to you, including many unintelligible programming languages. From Actionscript to zMUD, we have made you aware!

Editor’s topic

The editor theme gives you complete control over what your app looks like, from menus to dockable panels, controls bars and editor colors to status bar styles and more. UltraEdit comes with many default themes, but you can also create your own and share them with other users.


Want a simple interface? The layout provides this with just one click. Go from a powerful multi-window layout to a smooth and clean minimalist layout without turning off the panels and controls bar! Create your own layout or use one of our pre-configured settings.

Included FTP client

Open, modify and save files from any remote server! With the help of FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols and various server types, UltraEdit provides one of the most powerful FTP clients available in any available editor. You can even add FTP files to your projects and lists and sync local and remote directories.

Integrated file comparison service

Navigate from local to remote, used copy to source copy, current version to store copies and more using UltraCompare Lite! Built-in as an integrated application / comparison, UC Lite gives you the ability to distinguish files directly from UltraEdit. For more power, check out UltraCompare Specialist.

Find and convert dynamic

Find anything with the powerful and easy-to-use Search and Convert Engine search engine UltraEdit! Find large memory files, list all horizontal columns with your search sequence, search according to format and change with regular expression support, search in the vertical column with the text you selected, save your search preferences, rearrange in a single file or open all files, show and hide. lines that have specific sequences, and more.

Search and convert to a file

Add UltraEdit search engine / convert power and Get on File and File Change! Quickly search for any folder or store on your system and create a list or report of files that your search sequence contains.
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Use File Transfer to quickly convert data into multiple files at once.

File and project explorer

File management is easy with a file included with the UltraEdit project monitor! Create a project to organize your source files and folders and connect them to a remote FTP website. Use the integrated file tree view to browse, filter and open files on your system quickly.Create a special list of your favorite files and more.

Vibrant templates

Knowledge templates provide a complete combination of code completion, automatically extended text and contextual completion. With Advanced Templates, you can install specific language templates and embed them depending on the source file type you are editing. Additionally, dynamic templates allow you to add as many special features as you want, and then review them as you enter to complete the template.


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