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The Perfectly Clear application can work separately or as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom. Adjust pictures to the perfect look in automatic mode with just a few mouse clicks, and correct them in manual mode. Traditional image correction methods do not always achieve the desired result. This product deserves your attention for trusting to automatically correct your invaluable memories. Perfectly Clear gives you the opportunity to get your picture to perfection right away.

Built for accuracy. Made for beauty. Most of all, you want better pictures. But what if you could get better photos faster? Perfectly Clear has mastered the science of smart image editing – creating high-quality pictures in record time, so you can get back to what you’re doing in no time.

In digital cameras there are more than a dozen limitations that cause unnecessary distortion in photographs such as: illumination, fading, lack of saturation and color depth, poor skin tone, blurring, “red eyes”, noise, etc. Contact will rectify these defects in automatic or manual mode using its own patented technology, which uses more than 10 patent and 10 year modifications.

scientific research.

Features plug-in:

Stock support

Edit the selected area of ​​a picture only

Reliable detection and elimination of red eye effect

Insightfulness (new range: 0-200 instead of 0-100)

Efficient use of memory.

Variable link window size

Effective tags save you even more time

Connection windows are displayed on large format screens.

You can run the Perfectly Clear plugin with the desktop remotely.

Advanced interface

Updated defaults

Automatic adjustments:

Dynamic range

Portrait image indicators

Eliminate color distortion, halos



white balance

Color tone

Depth and intensity of color

Photographic clarity (noise reduction, erasure


Disperse light: eliminate hard light

Eliminate the effect of red eyes

Spend less time in front of your computer.

With Perfectly Clear, you get results faster so you can spend more time behind the camera and less time in front of the computer. Take advantage of intelligent image analysis to find many camera errors and fix them automatically. Plus, you can quickly add your favorite finish with our stylized LOOKS.

Take full control.

Our defaults are just the starting point. Simply use only the settings you need to get the perfect image. Use our powerful sharpness and noise reduction, which goes beyond what other tools can do, to unlock a whole new image. Monitor your color and exposure with a dynamic histogram that tracks exposure and color cropping.

Personal experience.

Every photographer is different, as is Perfectly Clear. Our adaptive interface allows you to hide tools you don’t need while working, so you can focus on your image. Additionally, you can create and manage your own predefined values, which are tailored in each image.

Why change your workflow?

Instead of moving your entire image library or changing your workflow, improve your existing workflow. We support several platforms and will have more soon. With powerful batch processing and up to 30 unclick corrections,we will do better.

We have achieved image correction in science.

Creating our award-winning technology took more than a decade of RD, several patented processes and more than a dozen unique algorithms. We found the code to independently correct each pixel. The proof is in your photos.

New is Perfect Clear:

You have better ways to spend your day than working with manual editions

You have become a photographer to get out to capture the beauty of the world, not sit inside an editing table. We devised our automatic image corrections to remove boredom and free you. So let Perfectly Clear take care of editing tasks while you spend the day doing what you do best, creating amazing images.

– Up to 20 automatic corrections with one click

– Batch processes 1000 images in minutes

– Stay within your workflow

– Unlock details of all images

Take advantage of the predetermined values ​​created by professionals

– Save countless hours of manual editing

– Refining details with precise controls

We have achieved image correction in science

Creating our award-winning technology, several patented processes and more than a dozen unique algorithms required more than a decade of research and development. We found the code to independently correct each pixel. Here’s how we get a 12 megapixel image that looks like it was pulled with 12 million separate apertures. The proof is in your photos.

Invest, innovate and improve every year

At Attetech, he was committed to solving the problems that photographers were facing. Each year we continue to refresh ourselves with the research and development of our team of physicists, engineers and photographers. Every day we invest in making your pictures look better.


– Perfect exposure. More efficient than traditional brightness, Perfect Exposure lets you keep your color photography in check without cutting or washing. Our technology overcomes distortions caused by a single aperture by repeating how the eye absorbs light and corrects pixels by pixel exposure.

– Deep. Highlights photo contrast without fouling other colors. Perfectly Clear uses a patented algorithm that uniquely manipulates dynamic range and reveals the details needed to produce that kind of depth.

– Light scattering. Perfectly Clear lets you create a softer look with warmer tones and capture the perfect portrait even in full daylight.

– Skin depth trend. For realistic skin lighting.


– Photoshop is powerful, but for Full Color Spectrum, Light Diffusion, Red eye removal automatically, you need to switch to Perfectly Clear.

– Vibration. Perfectly Clear mimics how the eye adjusts saturation, giving a vibrant color picture. Digital cameras can sometimes make photographs look blurry / discolored because they have a linear response to light. But spring resolution solves this problem by watching each channel independently.

– Loyalty. We reproduce the full visual spectrum of colors that the eyes see, allowing you to capture the purple correctly every time.

– Shadow. On film days, different films and filters had to be taken at different times of the day to get the right light source. To remove nasty tungsten, fluorescent shades,bright, IRPperfectly Clear looks for an abnormal tone and then reveals its amazing layout below.


– Sharp. Traditional sharpening methods also sharpen the weak signal and introduce halos. Perfectly Clear only looks for a strong signal and creates sharp, clear images without artefacts.

– Reduce noise. Perfectly Clear automatically reduces noise from 2 to 3 stops with a single click (unlike Ps or Lr, which requires multiple slider settings). ISO 1600 is effectively reduced to ISO 200-400 with no fog or loss of detail.


– Red eyes. We had this technology from our wonderful partner FotoNation, which is integrated into hundreds of millions of units. Detect and correct faults as fast as 5 frames per second without manual intervention.

– Unlike Photoshop, Perfectly Clear not only automatically removes a red eye, but also includes Eye Enhancement, Eye Amplification, Dark Circle Removal and the ability to automatically add 5 different Catchlight.


Perfectly Clear allows you to soften and tighten your skin, adjust blush and remove infrared, itching and spots. Our robust auto-correction utilizes advanced face detection techniques to identify age, gender and important facial features, such as skin texture and skin tone. As a result, we were able to determine the exact number of corrections that would be applied automatically. All of our decorations are much faster than handmade in Ps or Lr, which takes minutes per image instead of seconds.


Perfectly Clear allows you to whiten your teeth for a perfect smile and saves the dentist a painful trip. In addition, it can sharpen the look of your lips and tone the shape of your face for a thinner, young look. Internet Explorer x64 Torrent Download

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